Industrial Pipe Fitting

Brattås is a leading supplier in industrial piping systems.

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Certified Welding

To ensure the safety and longevity of our deliveries, our professionals are certified welders

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Mechanical Engineering

In Brattås we have extensive experience with production, repair and maintenance of mechanical systems and devices.

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Steel Structures

We produce and supply plate and steel structures to industry.

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Pressure and Storage Tanks

Since 1969 we have made pressure and storage tanks in Brattås to store water, gas, and other fluids for industrial use.

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Training Establishment

Brattås AS is an approved training establishment and continuously trains apprentices. This means we are conscious of our role in society; that we have an industry responsibility to assist in educating qualified professionals. We have a responsibility to our industry where we contribute to covering the needs of the working society, and we contribute to ensuring that our apprentices are well qualified to continue to work within the company.

This is also a measure of our reputation management. Training sharpens focus, and can provide a basis for improvements. At the same time it is a way to strengthen the company as a learning organisation, as training sets requirements and guidelines for systematic thinking and problem solving.

As a training company, Brattås delegates resources to following up on apprentices and trainees. We plan out, organise and document the training process, and have procedures and routines for receiving apprentices and apprentice candidates. Monitoring and assessment during the learning process is of great importance.

Become an Apprentice

Our company aims to employ the most skilled professionals who are continuously evolving. In order to be as prepared as possible for the competition, we need employees who continually acquire more knowledge. Brattås has at any given time 3-4 apprentices. Would you like to be one of them?

    Future Conscious

    The company takes pride in providing training and as such has extensive experience with apprenticeships. Brattås AS currently actively engages 3-4 apprentices.