Industrial Pipe Fitting

Brattås is a leading supplier in industrial piping systems. We have extensive experience in installation, maintenance, and repair of piping systems in industrial buildings and facilities. This includes large-scale piping systems for the distribution of water, gas, and other fluids, as well as specialized equipment such as boilers, pumps, and filtration systems.

We prefabricate piping systems in our own workshops based on our customer’s requirements. All prefabricated piping systems are transported to the customer, and our skilled professionals ensure that everything is mounted and customized to the customer’s existing plant. This saves the customer costs in the form of more efficient workflow and minimal stops in production.

We are NS-EN ISO 3834-2 and NS-EN ISO 1090-2 certified, and we have a comprehensive procedure library that we keep up to date with the latest industry standards and industry regulations.

Reference Projects