About Us


BRATTÅS has since 1969 operated a mechanical contracting business, workshop and other productions. These services have included consultancy, investment, and participating in other activities with similar or related purposes and activities.

The plumbing business was started in 1969 by founder Hans Brattås.


The company’s quality philosophy and overall objective is to maintain a reputation as a reliable supplier of goods and services of the right quality, performed to appropriate and agreed upon prices; maintaining customer satisfaction.


We believe we can make the future brighter by being a more sustainable business in every sense: for the environment, our customers, the people and society. Brattås has therefore chosen to become Environmental Lighthouse certified, which includes having a well-functioning and well-documented environmental management system, and that we are environmentally conscious in the choices we make.


Human Rights and the Transparency Act

Brattås works to prevent all forms of human rights violations and ensure decent working conditions throughout the value chain.

We choose to adapt our business to healthy environmental, social and business ethics (ESG), and expect our business partners (suppliers, subcontractors and service providers) to work with us and do the same by committing to our ethical guidelines.

We have carried out due diligence assessments based on six steps in the OECD’s guidelines to map our risk and how this can be minimised. This assessment will be published as part of our annual report.

For more information about our work around the Transparency Act, contact us via e-mail: post@brattaas.no or via post: Brattås AS, Øraveien 21b, 1630 Gamle Fredrikstad.